Four Ways Women are Making Money from Home


Four Ways Women Are Making Money From Home

Nowadays women are not only serving up the bacon but they’re bringing it home, too. I’m giving away my age here but I loved that commercial but I digress!

These women aren’t working in an office job, oh no. These women are making money from the comfort of their own home and they are rockin’ it!

That’s right. Women are doing their thing from the comfort of their own home. They no longer have to choose between having a career or other important aspects of their life. For some women, it allows them to still be able to be a fulltime mom. For others it could be to continue their education or to work on their hobbies or volunteering.

One of the common questions I’m asked is how to make money from home. If you’re ready to bring home the bacon, here are the top for ways women are making money from home.

Four Ways Women Are Making Money From Home

* They Have a Work-from-home Job

Having a steady paycheck and health benefits are important to some women so they prefer to have a traditional work-from-home job.

If you haven’t searched for work-from-home jobs lately, you will be amazed at how much work-from-home jobs have changed over the years. There are more types of jobs you can do remotely now such as customer service, sales, community manager, even nurses.

Perhaps a work-from-home job isn’t what you’re looking for because you’d like to have control of your schedule. Take a look at these other ways to make money from home that doesn’t require a timeclock.

* Women Are Starting A Homebased Business

Women no longer have to choose between raising a family and running their own business because technology has made is possible to run a business from the comforts of home. In fact, there are plenty of home-based businesses that are perfect for women.

Among them are gift wrapping business, a transcription business, or you can start your own dropship business.

What’s also great about a homebased business is that start-up costs are normally low and so are monthly recurring fees. For example, I started my blog with about $300 and it costs about that much to support it, too and that includes VA support.

* Women Are Selling Their Handmade Products

If you spend any time on social media I’m sure you have seen posts by women promoting their handmade goods on their Etsy store or other ecommerce site.

And they are making and selling just about anything such as custom mugs, shirts, planner printables, party invitations…if you have the right product, it can be a lucrative business.

And setting up an ecommerce site won’t cost much to start up or you can sell on sites like Etsy where all you have to do is create a shop and upload your products.

* Women Are Blogging

Now more than ever women are blogging about a variety of topics like being a mom, running a business, how to save money, how to blog and they are making a pretty good living doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, starting a blog is easy but if you want to run it as a business it will require proper planning and execution of that plan.

For example, you have to decide what you want niche to write about. A great way to figure that out is to think about what you are passionate about. What skills do you have that you can help and teach others?

Then you have to think about how you’re going to make money with the niche you decide to write about. Are you going to promote products? Will you roll out your own product?

You have to create content, build a community, engage with your visitors and connect with other bloggers in your niche.

And this is just a breakdown. In time and it does take time, you can turn your blog in to a money-making machine.

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Final Words

I wish I could say working from home is for everyone but that just wouldn’t be true. But I do think it’s worth considering which is why I always recommend my clients and friends to do an exercise to consider the do’s and don’ts of working from home. It’s something I wish I had done when I got started because believe me, without proper planning the struggle gets real.

I quit my job with no career or financial plan. I had no idea what I wanted to do and I didn’t put money away for a rainy day like I should have. All that bit me in the butt when times had got tough. But even though we stuck it out and got through it, had I had a plan in place, we would not have had to endure all that. Hind sight is 20/20 like they say.

Over To You

I hope this post inspired some ideas for you to make money from home. If you have any questions or thoughts, please share them in the comments below this post.

Here’s to you!

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