“Adventures of the Sea Kids” Book Series

When you set up a phone call to interview the author of numerous award winning children’s books, one does not expect to end up being ministered to by the Holy Spirit. But when God calls someone to do something, He anoints them to do it, and His Spirit wildly breaks through to fulfill His purposes.

Lee Ann Mancini did not aspire to be a children’s book writer. She felt it was something the Lord was calling her to do. When her children were small, she started writing faith-based stories based on what she felt was lacking in the books she would read to her kids. She wrote ten stories in that time of her life and as her children grew, she began sending the galleys to the local schools along with a questionnaire for feedback. They were well-received along with some helpful, constructive guidance.

Step-by-step and twenty years later, she is the author of six books and the Lord isn’t finished yet. There are plans in the works for the series to take shape in other forms of media! As a mother of four children ages four and under, when I read these books to my children, their eyes light up from the colors and they giggle over the characters. I know my children would just love if this were a cartoon series.

The following books are available for purchase through GLMPublishing.net …

God’s Easter Miracles

The sea kids learn that Easter isn’t about the Easter bunny or candy. It’s about Jesus Christ giving up His life for all of us, and how we are to sacrifice ourselves for others.

Fast Freddy

This wonderful underwater world of vibrant colors shows Fast Freddy overcoming the ridicule of being different.

What a Bragger!

This wonderful underwater world of vibrant colors shows Melissa trying to win friends by bragging.

I’m Not Afraid!

This wonderful underwater world of vibrant colors shows Susie and her friend going to the Undersea Amusement Park.

A Servant Like Jesus

Charlie is a shy kid who hides behind the cleanup sink at school. However, after his teacher asks him to be her special helper, he learns how nice is it to serve and be there for his classmates.

God’s Gift

Christian and his sister Mary believe that they get more presents at Christmas. However, Jacob and Jeremiah believe they get more presents on Hanukkah.

For any mom’s out there with the hope of becoming a book writer or wondering how she got to where she did, Lee Ann advises aspiring writers to take three steps:

  1. First and foremost, PRAY. Make sure that writing is really your gift and God’s will for your life. If not, it will be laborious.
  2. After that has been established by God, start to WRITE.
  3. Once you have something written, SHARE it with supportive people who will give some gentle criticism. Choose a few specific friends and family members who you know you can trust and join a local writing group.

Most importantly, and this is what my soul drank up…

She says to moms out there, “Enjoy every moment. Eat it up! Use this time to teach your little children to have the love of Christ. They should be saying in the same sentence, ‘I love mommy, daddy, and Jesus.’ Build the foundation of the house now or the devil will chip away at it later.”

You can read more about Lee Ann and her book series at GLMPublishing.net and LeeAnnMancini.com and check out christianchildrensauthors.com for articles on raising children in Christ written by children’s book writers!

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